BO1 digitizes classic financial products...

Banking should be more attractive and accessible for customers and companies. We are developing, amongst other things, banking services based on the blockchain and generating new investment structures for customers to manage their assets and personal data themselves in a decentralised manner – right now.

Be your own Bank. Creative Finance.

... and combines new technologies for simplification and maximum security.

In addition to improved usability and reduction of complex entry barriers, BO1 relies on new opportunities in blockchain or API technology.

BO1 relies on an efficient and modular distribution concept.

BO1 sales is responsible for the brokerage of its own products, as well as the integration of cooperation, distribution and product partners. It manages the pre- and after-sales services as well as their marketing and provides long-term sales planning. Our goal is to build a modern, digital financial sales department.

...and our team of inventors, tekkies, creatives...

All those who believe in us...

...and our Team of inventors, nerds, creatives..

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…switch from zero to one.